Lahaina Real Estate


    Elevation: 5 feet

    Lahaina means “merciless sun,” and it is one of the hottest spots on the island. Lahaina has always been one of the centers of activity on Maui. Maui’s King Kahekili called Lahaina home until King Kamehameha defeated him in the late 1700s. Kamehameha set up his own power base in Lahaina, which remained the seat of Hawaiian power until Kamehameha III moved his capitol to Honolulu in the mid-1800s.

    It was not until the tourist boom and the resorts were developed in Kaanapali during the mid-1960’s that Lahaina town, which had become a virtual ghost town after the whaling fleet stopped coming, began to bustle again. Restoration of the town’s old wooden buildings proceeded apace and the town has been declared a National Historical Landmark.

    With the revitalization of the town came a colony of artists and craftspeople, and a blossoming of art galleries heavy on marine themes, boutiques, great eating places and sophisticated night-spots as well as a proliferation of time-share salesmen, kiosks touting various activities of one sort or another, and shops filled with touristy gimcracks and t-shirts blazoned with slogans that quickly become clichés.